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TCB Series

TCB Series
TCB Series

Scope of application: 

The design complies with the present and future environmental standards.

  • 1.The production equipment is pollution-free and in line with the ISO 14001 standard. The material is recyclable.
  • 2.The accessories are modular for easy assembly and disassembly. It has reliable contact indication and an isolation function.
  • 3.It can realize ground protection for avoiding personal and property losses.
  • 4.There is a type with high breaking capacity and another with standard breaking capacity for choice.
  • 5.It has diversified operation methods (including manual operation and electric operation) and wiring methods (including wiring in front of the board, wiring behind the board and plug-in wiring).
  • 6.It realizes four kinds of remote control for the intelligent controller through the communication interface and wired or wireless networking through relevant accessories.
  • 7.It complies with relevant IEC and GB standards and has been granted a CCC certificate and a CB scheme.
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