Magnetic Contactors

Motor Controls(contactor/Thermal Overload Relays)

A magnetic switch (consisting of a magnetic contactor and a thermal relay) is the switch that drives the opening and closing of the main (auxiliary) contacts by using magnetic attraction to control the load. As it can rapidly cut the AC circuit and can frequently connect and disconnect the large current control device, it is often used as a load control switch with electric motor, crane, heater and various plant equipment. However, since its magnetic contactor does not have a safety function, a thermal relay must be fitted to provide overload and phase-failure protections.

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MC Accessories• CNA-xx : Top and Side Mounting Aux. Contact Blocks• CNI-xx : Mechanical Interlock Wi..


CNA/CUA Series

CNA/CUA SeriesTop mount auxiliary contact..


CNE Series

CNE Series‧ AC controlled coil can be triggerred by AC/DC ‧ Noise interference can be avoided‧ ..


CSS Series

CSS Series‧ Operating environment: -5~55 C; Altitude limit: 2,000 meters‧ Voltage spike in the absor..


CU-C Series

Capacitor ContactorsA contactor is installed with limited current resister to effectively control su..



DPA SeriesAll series comply with RoHS‧ All series provide 1-, 1.5-, 2-, and 3-pole products‧ he cont..


EOL Series

EOL Series‧ MCU( Microprocessor Control Unit ) designed.‧ Complied with IEC 60947-4-1, IEC 60947-5-1..


H Series

H SeriesRated Current (AC3/400V):12A~300APower Rating (AC3/400V):3kW~335kW• Compact Size from 5.5~22..


RAM Series

RAM Series‧ 4,6,8 auxiliary contacts available‧ Easy installation by screw and DIN rail‧ Protective ..

RAU Series New

RAU Series

RAU Series‧ 4,6,8 auxiliary contacts avaliable‧ Easy installation by screw and DIN rail‧ Protective ..

RHU & RHN Series New

RHU & RHN Series

RHU & RHN SeriesReduce power consumption for energy saving and reduction of carbon emissionsComp..