AC Motor Drives

TECO inverter, with the latest auto-tuning technology, in compliance with international safety certification, like CE&UL, fills all aspects of the applications in tension, position, velocity, torque and HD&ND modes. It provides customers options of general purpose and dedicated control modes (0.2 to 600kW). It also gives customers conveniences of many enclosure models selections like IP20, IP21, IP55 or IP66 and many communications modules supports like Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, or Ethernet to accomplish the principles of energy-saving & high efficiency.

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A510 Series

Advanced Current Vector Control DrivePerfect design for heavy overload applications like crane, lift..


E510 Series

General Vector Control DriveBuilt-in advanced SLV and PMSLV control mode, PLC programming interface,..


F510 Series

Fan & Pump DriveWith accurate auto-tune of motor parameters, users improve the efficiency of the..


L510 Series

Compact V/F Control DriveA compact, robust, and versatile AC Drive with standard modbus communicatio..

MV510 New


Medium Voltage DriveAdopting voltage cascade technology for power cells, MV510 provides lower dv/dt ..